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Cape Media products - available now

deAlert - desktop tool for searching a user-defined list of websites for any particular keyword. Originally developed to scan 'hot deal' sites for a given item you are interested in purchasing. But deAlert can be used for search any site for any keyword - use it to search news sites, product sites, or any website for any desired text.
Free version - download now!


Cape Media products - coming ...eventually

deKiosk Browser - intended for any computer, ideally a kiosk, where you need to lock users into browsing particular websites. You define a list of sites the user can browse. deKiosk Browser sits 'on top' of all other programs forcing any other windows or programs into the background. If the user clicks a link in a given website which opens a new window, that window will not appear to the user and will be automatically closed within 15 seconds of it being spawned. If the user clicks a link that directs to a different URL, the browser will refresh back to the URL the user was just viewing. deKiosk Browser uses the IE HTML engine integrated with all Windows PCs.
Free version - download now!
runs at 1024x768 with any remaining desktop space 'blacked-out'. Viewable HTML area 805x768. Admin defines up to 5 custom URLs.

Pro version - $45
contact us for payment and download information - same as free version but Admin defines up to 20 custom URLs and has many other custom configuations.


deGen - creates an external text file with the content, length, and/or byte size you specify. Need a bunch of text content to test and populate your website during development? Create it with deGen. Need to test your internet speed connection with a 1mb file? a 2.5mb file? 20mb file? Create it with deGen. Need to generate a bunch of text to test how quickly your database program and read and write content? Create it with deGen.
Free version - download now!
create text files up to 1mb or up to 35 lines of text using one of three provided sentences.

Pro version - $20 contact us for payment and download information - same as free version but can create a file up to any size or length of any content you specify!